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Korhil is the current Captain of the White Lions, the bodyguard of the Phoenix King. On the battlefiel, he often fights as Finubar's personal champion and commander. The White Lions like to boost that he is the strongest elf on all of Ulthuen, and this may very well be true. He wields the legendary Axe, Chayal. 

The HuntEdit

When Korhil was young, a great Chracian Lion three times the size of the biggest elf terrorized the Mountain Realm of Chrace. Korhl took it upon himself to hunt down the beast and slay it. 

His hunt took him deep into the mountain, following a bloody slaughter of elf and beast both. Finally, Korhil found it in a Cave and, wielding his mighty woodsmen axe, delivered it a mighty blow. But his axe simply bounced off the great beast without any effect for it was a child of chaos and its pelt was as hard as the Star Metal Ithilmar. Having no other choice, Korhil jumped at the beast unarmed and, using his massive strength, broke the beasts neck.

From that day on, he wore the pelt of the beast as a symbol of his prowess as well as to profit from its protection.

Finuval PlainsEdit

Korhil was one of the White Lions of chrace that successfuly made it to the Funival Plains during Malekith's envasion of Ulthuen. During the battle, when the previous Captain of the White Lions, Korhein Ironglaive, died, Korhil along with the rest of his Kin, slaughtered countless Dark Elves in honour of their fallen Captain. In the aftermath, Korhil was chosen as Ironglaive's successor. 

Captain of the White LionsEdit

Korhil has fought many battles as the Phoenix Kings champion and personal herald. During a silent invasion of Lothern when an Assassin attempted to kill Finubar, Korhil tromped the attemp and then chased the Assassin through the city, finally cornering him and counting him in twine. 

Korhil has a close friendship with the famed Prince Tyrion. They have served together in the name of the Phoenix King on many occations, defending Ulthuen from threats of all kind.

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