King's Ransom Accursed Defender Kit

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Special Renown Rank 73+ armor set for the Chosen. Set pieces are gained from City attack/defense Stage 1 Massive Loot Bags, and all of the set pieces can also be bought from the Renown Armor salesman in the Undercroft in the Inevitable City for Destruction characters, or the Armory in Altdorf for Order characters, for War Crests, and the Jewelry piece is a rare drop in T4 oRvR.

The Worn version, which is Renown Rank 63+, can be bought at the Quartermaster in any Tier 4 Warcamp. These sets both have the same appearance, but the Worn set has only a 7 piece set bonus, while the normal version has 8. Also, the Sovereign set bonusses are slightly higher.

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