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Kill the Defilers is the Empire Chapter 19 Kill Quest.

  • Task: Kill 60 "Marauders", which includes both Raven Marauders and Raven Eye Marauders (level 37 Chaos, Humans). These mobs are found in the war-torn city west of the kill collector.
    • These Marauders can be found in Praag along the roads to the west of Knight's Watch, centered around the Public Quest: Griffon's Last Stand (Hard) at 13k, 23k. Farming these mobs within the PQ area also builds chapter influence for the rally master.
    • Beware the four champion groups in the area. They are static (good) but BAF when you hit any member (bad).
    • One good location for solo farming is at loc 10k, 25k, where there are five marauders and they respawn quickly.
    • Note: Raven Eye Acolytes and Raven Chosen do NOT count.
  • Reward: None beyond the per-kill reward of 461xp each.
  • Kill Collector: Guildmaster Geoff is located at the Empire Chapter 19 camp of Knight's Watch in Praag and can be found at the coordinates 28k, 25k.

Tradeskill Notes Edit

  • This Kill Quest is good for Scavenging in support of Talisman Making.
  • Primary scavenginging drops:
    • Talisman Making Fragments (various) - 150/175 skill
    • Talisman Making Curios (various) - 150/175 skill

as of 11 July 2009 (post version 1.3)

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