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Overview Edit

Kill Collector - Empire - 2008 Nov 11

Kill Collectors are special quest giving NPCs. Though they may not give out an actual quest, they reward players with experience for killing a particular number of creatures. These Kill Quests are named, but appear only momentarily when turning in kills.


A player can speak to a Kill Collector and in dialogue they will tell you the creature they are rewarding for. If a player returns having killed the particular creature the Kill Collector is looking for, they will be able to turn in a quest for a set number of experience multiplied by the number of kills that player has accrued.


If you finish, or "max out," a Kill Quest by killing 60 of the specified mobs and then talk to the collector, some kill collectors even award the player a Tome of Knowledge unlock which grants the player access to a particular trophy, title, item, or Tactic Fragment.

Noteworthy PersonsEdit

Most, if not all, Kill Collectors are considered Noteworthy Persons in the Tome of Knowledge. Speaking to a Kill Collector usually will unlock a Noteworthy Persons entry.

Kill Collector Names and Locations Edit

Dwarf Kill Collectors Edit

Chapter NPC Name Location Zone Coords Asks for Questname Reward
1 Grimilda Mughammer Goldbrow's Lament Ekrund 19206, 46421 Squigs Filthy Slaughter

4,920 xp


2 Skolm Goldskaar Redhammer Brewery Ekrund 46727, 30409 Snotling looters Snotling Looters

5,340 xp


3 Dodrum Ironsplitter Komar Mount Bloodhorn 8014, 24941 Mountain Squigs Mountain Filth
4 Barin Grimbeard Skalfson's Watch Mount Bloodhorn 44340, 16927 Snotwood Spites Felling Spites
5 Kurgan Ironfist Olfrinson's Outpost Marshes of Madness  ?? Giant Bat
6 Estelle Meyer Murdogh's Hold Marshes of Madness 11500, 5000 Toad Boglar Scavenger Boglar Vengence
7 Elagroth Karginson Thane's Defense Barak Varr 31642, 50918 Great Warsnout Boars of Battle Beastial Tactic Fragment
8 Grunlok Steelspade Reekmarsh Camp Marshes of Madness 55398, 14541 Boglar Boglar Collection Greenskin Tactic Fragment
9 Lokki Redbeard Oathhold Marshes of Madness 55615, 41597 Tortured Souls
10  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
11  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
12  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
13 Hlom Hrnghamson Dunhilda's Lads Badlands 33k,12k Troll
14  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
15 Karon Vigridson Kazad Gromar Kadrin Valley  ?? Nurgling
16  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
17  ?? Lorkinson's Excavation Thunder Mountain  ??  ??
18 Rori Mailcutter Palik Watch Thunder Mountain  ?? Ghoul [Flamepicked Ghoul]
19 Rafi Throstsson Dragonslayer Ridge Thunder Mountain 56k, 25k Bloodmaw Irongut Ogres The Oath n/a
20 Slayer Bolgun Craghelm's Hold Black Crag 51.5k, 8.9k Venom Gnawers (Trolls) Vicarious Venom Trolls n/a
21 Bogni Goblingrinder Oathgrund's Watch Black Crag 33.5k, 19.3k Bloodshroom goblins A Goblin Grind for a Goblingrinder n/a
22 Hanri Raudson Gav's Oathbearers Black Crag 36.7k, 46.5k Crag Boar Such a Boar unk

Greenskin Kill Collectors Edit

Chapter NPC Name Location Zone Coords Asks for Questname Reward
1 Wobna Slipsquig Da Start Mount Bloodhorn 40243, 54451 Annoying Ironclaw Squig, Bigchomp Squig, Crazy Squig, Hyper Squig, Wild Squig Squig Hoardin' 90 XP/Kill
2 Sneakfang Da War Maker Mount Bloodhorn 16400,52400 Dog Waylayer, Dog Paymaster, Dog Soldier (male only), Dog Reinforcement, Fritz Meinrich Boorish 117 XP/Kill, Beastial Tactic Fragment
3 Virrik Komar Mount Bloodhorn 1835, 27394 Komar Thunderbeard, Komar Hammerstriker Komar Stunties 115 XP/Kill
4 Xobz Madgut Gorgor's Smash Ekrund 58870, 39172 Irontoe Thunderer Thundering Xobz 167 XP/Kill
5 Runtskull Nogaz's Boyz Barak Varr (9.1k,31k) Wetfang Spiders Wetfang Spiders 145 XP/Kill
6 Thudfist Bonerender's Bash Marshes of Madness 21700,7600 Rotting Gors, Ghouls and Cultists A Rotten Slaughter 159 XP/Kill
7 Reezel Rottoof's Mugz Barak Varr 33100,60500 Magrak Gor, Magrak Shaman, Magrak Ungor Hair of da Beast 159 XP/Kill
8 Sneaks Malgrog's Breach Barak Varr 56100,26700 Seahammer Portguard, Barak Varr Portguard / Seahand / Beerguard Stunty Slaying
9 Moozle Mobash's Camp Barrak Varr 28502, 18022 Salamander Lizards in the Sand 188 XP/Kill
10 Gremgob Moogz's Brawl Black Fire Pass 3900,53400 Thardik Guards A Beer Defense 193 XP/Kill
11 Shaman Grayfrobba Trug's Hut The Badlands 16700,5800 Moonfang Headhitta / Stickpointa / Whacka / Sticka Gobbling Gobbos 279 XP/Kill
12 Smashmur Drok's Fist Black Fire Pass 31000, 58000 Hammerstriker Miner Claiming the Cave 334 XP/Kill
13 Grik Gorthug's Chew Black Fire Pass 32000, 36000 Altstadt Hunter or
Altstadt Huntress
Altstadt Huntsmen 377 XP/Kill
14 Tog Nailclub Da Big Burn Black Fire Pass 47000, 27000 "Stunties"
Kolaz Umgal Steelshot
Crushin' Da Stunties 435 XP/Kill
15 Kark Red Dust Camp Black Crag 21000,36000 Pit Bat, Deep Pit Bat Blaming da Bats 461 XP/Kill
16 Bloodtoof Twisty Canyon Black Crag 9797, 13664 Oathbearer Dwarves Wanna Waaagh!? 519 XP/Kill
17 Grimor Hot Foot Boyz Thunder Mountain 12400,61000 Reichardt's Raiders Grimor's Challenge 629 XP/Kill
18 Gorlub Da Scrappin' Camp Thunder Mountain 11000,39600 Deathflame Ghoul Pile of Ghouls 605 XP/Kill, Beastial Tactic Fragment
19 Gurglesmear Da Big Bones Thunder Mountain 57900,44300 Moltenhide Hounds Numbskull 684 XP/Kill
20 Ripgut Naguk's Cold Camp Kadrin Valley 52600,57600 Mudhide Tusker, Mudhide Gorer Trample Tantrum 664 XP/Kill
21 Dragna Gashfang's Warband Kadrin Valley 40900,39700 Snowfury Fork-Tongue More Heavies 718 XP/Kill, Beastial Tactic Fragment
22 Snogrot Badrot's Bashin' Place Kadrin Valley 40600,32100 Rimefeather Eagle Kill Da Big Birdies 737 XP/Kill

Empire Kill Collectors Edit

Chapter NPC Name Location Zone Coords Asks for Questname Reward
1 Caemris Sharpspear Grimmenhagen Windmill Nordland 23400, 39800 Venombite Nachtspinner The Finest Thread n/a
2 Edwin Hulsemann Grey Lady Coaching Inn Nordland 20939, 26444 Gloom Bat Batty n/a
3 Lieutenant Boen Scharmdorf Breuer's Regiment Nordland 31457, 20742 Crazed Flagellant Uncontrollable Flagellants n/a
4 Thomas Schmidt Gotland Advance Norsca 54175, 57495 Hrim Tuskgor Lucky Thomas n/a
5 Ruthgar Suskarg Troll Country 60058, 34944 Suskarg Trolls Chopping Trolls n/a
6 Dieter Stroh Felde Castle Troll Country 16690, 53740 Blueridge Salamander and
Bluespine Salamander
Hunger Pangs Beastial Tactic Fragment
7 Farmer Nadezhda Kraussner's Garrison Ostland 5335, 1741 Shadow Bandit and
Shadow Brigand
Expunging the Shadows n/a
8 Droki Greybeard Bohsenfels Ostland 30515, 25805 Gashthorn Gor Outslay the Slayer Chaos Tactic Fragment
9 Dieter Totenhosen Wolfenburg Ostland 49100, 51300 Moss Crawler Septic n/a
10 Rolf Grimwold Nuhr's Crest High Pass 4700, 27700 Snarling Razortooth Tusk Title: The Clawed
11 Vilmer DonHeisen Raven's End High Pass 11060, 59360 Bonestomper Ogre Bonestompin! n/a
12 Archibald Fleck Death Mire Forest High Pass 43780, 56230 Goreclaw Wolf Goreclaw Menace n/a
13 Borax Brightaxe Hergig Landing Talabecland 61600, 10600 Squig Squig Slayer n/a
14 Mary Delarue Unterbaum Cemetery Talabecland 44600, 42900 Plaguebite Wolves Plaguebitten n/a
15 Barnabas Kuhn Kreuznach Reikland 7400, 33100 Reik Wolves Biting Things n/a
16 Sigrid Widmann Reik River Observatory Reikland 21000, 16850 Reik River Bandits Reikland Bandits n/a
17 Hartlieb Roth Lieberholz's Command Praag 13000, 58000 Raven Scout, Raven Seeker Poor Taste n/a
18 Danil Balk Death's Cross Praag 15300, 49700 Raven Host Reinforcements Verminslayer n/a
19 Guildmaster Geoff Knight's Watch Praag 28400, 25200 Marauders Kill the Defilers n/a
20 Constable Luidheim Kaltenbach Expedition Chaos Wastes 18200, 62500 Winter Wolves & Howlers Howler Hunter Bestiary Unlock (Pelt)
21 Quartermaster Randol Camp of the Faithful Chaos Wastes 53700, 46200 Daemons Daemon Bounty Bestiary Unlock (Ring)
22 Harald Nacht Fires of Sigmar Chaos Wastes 60500, 2900 Dreadhorn Beastmen Dreadhorn Chaos Tactic Fragment

Chaos Kill Collectors Edit

Chapter NPC Name Location Zone Coords Asks for Questname Reward
1 Vaulkor Sturmvall Norsca 32855, 12932 Empire Spearman in Thorshafn Blood on Your Hands 75 XP/Kill
2 Vasili Tomerev Sorcerer's Axiom Norsca 36350,33300 Seared Ghouls Blessings of the Dark Gods 89 XP/Kill
3 Orlyg Raud Death's Brink Nordland 4198, 1126 Wild Razorswine Pigs in a Blanket 102 XP/Kill
4 Golen Authun's Host Nordland 58000,21100 Grey Wolf Spider/Scarlet Wolf Spider Spidery Goodness 133 XP/Kill, Beastial Tactic Fragment
5 Rangrith Ferlangen Ostland 7300,26800 Shadowdell Dryad Shadows in the Dell 133 XP/Kill
6 Gottfried Holz Felde Troll Country 12083, 62976 Darkhorn Gor, Darkhorn Bestigor Beasts of Darkhorn 143 XP/Kill, Chaos Tactic Fragment
7 Tosha Schreiber Kourns' Encampment Ostland 52838, 11674 Bloodfog Wolfs Deathcry 152 XP/Kill, Hunter Master's Pelt
8 Nina Trovolek Troll Country 42803, 39424 Icewing Eagles Culling the Wind 160 XP/Kill
9 Lilja Shadowdrinker Trollhaugen Troll Country 54886, 15770 Yhetees Icebreaker 168 XP/Kill
10 Markon Steinkell Goblin's Head Coaching Inn Talabecland 2048, 29696 Riptide Monitors Ripped Apart 193 XP/Kill
11 Bjorn Bulweis Witches Hollow Talabecland 16179, 3482 Gorehide Boar, Savage Gorehide Boar Boaring 218 XP/Kill
12 Reikel Bloodpike Volgen Talabecland 42394, 5120 Faceshredder Bruins Past Bearing 256 XP/Kill
13 Kaltea Wyrmreaver Bloodmarr High Pass 35226, 32870 Yhetee Frozenmaw and Yhetee Icetooth Icestrike 320 XP/Kill
14 Norrmar Boneblade Jaggedspine Ridge High Pass 49152, 22323 Maddened Gorgers Ferocity 418 XP/Kill
15 Xahiriek Deathchill Chaos Wastes 3072, 6144 Plague Bearers Cut a Swath 480 XP/Kill
16 Gorfing Headsmasha Awakened Tempest Chaos Wastes 12400,46600 Grimclan Ranger, Grimclan ??? Stunty Teef 526 XP/Kill
17 Aesa Heidrdottir Korzah's Assault Praag 6500,8500 Ursa Prowler, Ursa Mauler Ursus Mortis 670 XP/Kill
18 Zalir Shadowtalon Daemonfire Praag 48000,5500 High Elves Civil Strife 605 XP/Kill
19 Lahkis Curseblade Southern Breach Praag 45200,47700

Winter Lynx and Winter Great Lynx

Stalking Fear 621 XP/Kill
20 Jarl Spearfist Mark of the Reaver Reikland 48400,8500 Reiksguard Initiate Reiksguard Plundered 611 XP/Kill
21 Amundr The Despoiler Vanik's Horde Reikland 45000,34800 Sigmarite Avenger/Faithbearer/Henchman/Zealot Reiksguard Falling 568 XP/Kill
22 Gorfaug Manhewer The Inevitable Fire Reikland 33600,55300  ??  ?? 543 XP/Kill

High Elf Kill Collectors Edit

Chapter NPC Name Location Zone Coords Asks for Questname Reward
1 Aen Windsong Azurewood Glade Blighted Isle 48.1, 14.1 Dark Elf Cousin against Cousin n/a
2 Caethsetir
Adunei Blighted Isle 46.7, 26.4 Blighted Scorpion &
Blighted Poisontail
Sands of Death

5,340 xp

Beastial Tactic Fragment

3 Aeldith Tearsong Blightsward Chrace 53.7, 2.1 Beastmasters &
their minions Blacksand Harpies
Beastly Burden n/a
4 Elthossar Youngstar Cliffs of Ushuru Chrace 53k, 32k Giant Spider
(Warpweb Broodlings)
Toxic Shock

7,260 xp

Beastial Tactic Fragment

5 Celeborn Slenderwand Maturin's Watch the Shadowlands  ?? Giant Bat 7,980 xp
6 Shenassa Blesswind Sorrowstrand the Shadowlands 38k,13k Cold One Scale Breaker title, 8820XP
7 Cirroniol Sureshot Skyblade's Hold the Shadowlands 52.7k,40.6k Cockatrice
8 Quartermaster Aenil Windrider Plain Ellyrion 52.6k,10.5k Boar
9 Seer Jhoril Reaverspring Ellyrion 42.4k, 41.8k Undead
(Loathsome Warriors)
10,080 XP
10 Mesilhin Darkeagle Avelorn Avelorn 27.1k, 9.4k Pestilent Nurglings 174 per Kill
11 Elithaen Leafwind Grimwater Avelorn 60k, 9k Savage Trolls
12 Nalrothel Forestshadow Well of Whispers Avelorn 46k, 35.1k  ??
13 Dekindes Tovliryn Thornvale Manor Saphery 52k,6k Tuskgor
14 Ilfuwyr Cetaine Methulil's Burden Saphery  ?? Dark Elf
15 Braen Tallofel Vale of Dawn Eataine  ?? Great Cat
(Ebonmane Lions)
16 Dinen Lothreull Winwild Coast Eataine 19k,18k Tuskgor
(Rampaging Tuskgor
17 Firithas Lossaryn Gate of Sacrifice Dragonwake  ?? Chaos Daemon
18 Celanar Orithwyn Oakbrow's Charge Dragonwake  ?? Harpy
19 Virian Corresyn Spires of Vaul Dragonwake 6.7k, 47.4k Dark Elf Breaking the Enemy ??
20 Lasinon Silverdawn Cinderblade Dragonwake 2.6k, 55.3k Manticores Clearing the Skies ??
21 Seladon Thistlewind Drakestar's Lament Caledor 48.9k, 50.7k scorpions & spiders Eight-Legged Freaks ??
22 Arnien Brightwater Asuryan's Reach Caledor 16.7k, 50.9k Dark Elves No Hope of Victory n/a

Dark Elf Kill Collectors Edit

Chapter NPC Name Location Zone Coords Asks for Questname Reward
1 Saril Zaen Black Ark Landing The Blighted Isle 8499, 13517 High Elf Blood Desire 82 XP/Kill
2 Riakahd Flameblade Mistwood The Blighted Isle 12493, 32256 Shadow Warriors Pluck Out Their Eyes 89 XP/Kill
3 Krartil Deathsong Bloodhand's Revenge Chrace 7987, 2048 Poisonblight Scorpion, Poisonblight Burnclaw, Poisonblight Ironclaw Clear the Beach 89 XP/Kill, Beastial Tactic Fragment
4 Hakazin Felwind Malagurn's Charge Chrace 20890, 27034 Boar and Bears Victory Feast 121 XP/Kill
5 Beastmaster Zakira Ruins of Anlec The Shadowlands 42K, 5.5K Salamanders 133 XP/Kill
6 Maefyr Fellwhip Sundered Strand The Shadowlands  ?? Stonegaze Cockatrice Petrified 147 XP/Kill
7 Torrath Ullen Ralkuth's Return Shadowlands 17000,37800 Shadepaw Wolf and Shadepaw Howlers Breaking Shadepaw 152 XP/Kill
8 Tracker Drazek Kar Broken Blade Ellyrion 5992, 10036 Plains Lions Natural Talent 160 XP/Kill
9 Taraj Kirak Goldmead Ellyrion 14680, 36775 Salamanders
10 Featherleaf Warhawks
11 Garek Zornil Scornblade's Siege Avelorn 22800,23300 Handmaidens Losing Heart 198 XP/Kill
12 Seleis Soronil Jade Coast Avelorn 7777,45400 Trolls Dull Weapons 223 XP/Kill
13  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
14  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
15 Karithan Aveth Crimson Scar Caledor 1100,23500 High Elves Our Hated Kin 305 XP/Kill
16 Moridyth Cethlan Drakeshadow Caledor 46000,8000 Emberclaw Scorpion, Emberclaw Poisontail A Steady Supply 352 XP/Kill
17 Krather Dreyalan Saruthil's Wake Dragonwake 1400,12000 Tormented Spirit, Tormented Lost Crushing the Spirit 368 XP/Kill
18 Rindhor Swartshield Taromir's Malice Dragonwake 26400,15400 Bloodvale Bear, Bloodvale Mauler Bear of a Time 401 XP/Kill
19 Krellian Certhren Celrath Pass Dragonwake 53000,47000 Bloodscorch Drakes The Drakeslayer
20 Thandros Uthorin Honor's Scourge Eataine 1.4K, 55K
21 Telurna Darkveil Lightslayers Umbrage Eataine 20200,44100 Harpies The Hand That Feeds 454 XP/Kill
22 Zural Bitterwind Asuryan's End Eataine 44600,44900 High Elf The Other White Meat 472 XP/Kill

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