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Khemri was the greatest city of the Tomb Kings of Khemri. Located at the heart of Nehekhara, it was the greatest and most powerful city of its time. It was built by Settra the Imperishable around IC -2500 as his capital.


It is located on a river originally known as Great Vitae River, now known as the Great Mortis River. The land around is flat, surrounded by fertile flood plains and then expansive deserts, leading to Araby. The fertile lands provided ample food for the population and the flat desert around gave them advanced warning of incoming enemies. Also, its position on the river means it commands the trade routes to the east of Nehekhara.

Most other cities in Nehekhara, when not rebelling against its rule, paid vast amounts of tribute in gold, slaves and military units. This made Khemri the greatest centre of trade and finances, military power and it boasted the biggest pyramids for its dead. Two of these major cities were Zandri and Numas.

It also contains a vast area known as the Necropolis of Khemri. It is a labyrinth of hundreds of smaller pyramids dwarfed by the Great Pyramid of Settra, and in turn dominated by the Black Pyramid of Nagash.

The coming of NagashEdit

Nagash was a powerful magic user who rose to become the High Priest of Khemri. He desired the title of King, and as such killed all in his way, including the king he replaced - his own brother. After gaining the throne of Khemri, Nagash proceeded to develop the study and practise of necromancy throughout the kingdom. The other kings of Nehekhara rose against Khemri, united to destroy Nagash, who they saw as an abomination who stood against their religion and their gods. They succeeded and abandoned the Black Pyramid of Nagash. Khemri was sacked, badly damaged and its population destroyed.

Hundreds of years later, Nagash returned to reclaim his city. He poisoned the land and killed vast numbers of the population. Soon, the dead outnumbered the living. The king, Alcadizaar, was captured by Nagash and dragged to his citadel, where he was imprisoned. Nagash then unleashed his spell, killing every living being for hundreds of miles around and binding them to his will. The ancient kings rose from their tombs and mausoleums and fought over control of the cities. Khemri was eventually conquered by Settra, who proceeded to take over the rest of Nehekhara.

Khemri TodayEdit

Khemri still stands to this day, but it is far from its former glory. It huge towers of gleaming gold and pyramids of shining limestone and alabaster are decaying from age, rotting like the corpses of the people. The Liche Priests are tasked with the preservation of such monuments but, unlike themselves, they still collapse under the weight of time. The priests may be timeless, but the monuments they protect are not.

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