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Khaine's Embrace is a Tier 1 Scenario located in The Blighted Isle. It is accessible for all tiers only during the Deadly Embrace Live Event.

This is a 12 vs. 12 variant of the Domination scenario, with two capture-able objectives: the Dance of Swords (an area near where the Order forces arrive), and the Death's Charge (an area near where the Destruction forces arrive). Players can seize objectives by interacting with the flag on the objective for 7 seconds, however, any damage incurred during this time will interrupt the process.

A third location in Khaine's Embrace is the Altar of Khaine, an area in the center with an altar, as well as a fourth, the series of tunnels in front of the altar which serve as a secondary route between the two objectives.

Points in this scenario are primarily scored by capturing both Dance of Swords and Death's Charge at the same time, and maintaining control for 10 consecutive seconds. At this time, 80 points are awarded to the controlling realm, and Khaine's Wrath is unleashed. This creates a large explosion centering on each of the objectives as well as the Altar of Khaine. This will kill any characters inside, even if you are the realm that controls it, and can only be avoided by moving to the tunnels or to one of the spawn locations where the forces arrive. Characters near Khaine's Altar can speak to the Scion of Khaine, who will teleport them back to their Realm's spawn point. After Khaine's Wrath is unleashed, the objectives wait a small time before resetting. The first team to score 500 points claims victory.

  • Scenario type: Variant Domination
  • Scoring: Capturing both objectives to unleash Khaine's Wrath, and killing opponents awards victory points.
  • Winning Score: 500
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Player Levels: 1-11
  • Extra score:
  1. The vast majority of the points in this scenario are scored by unleashing Khaine's Wrath.

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