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Keeper of Secrets
Creature Info
Type Daemons
Sub-Type Daemons of Slaanesh
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown
Keeper of Secrets by Adrian Smith

Drawn to misery and suffering like a fly to offal, a Keeper of Secrets regards the application of pain as an exquisite delight to be savored and enjoyed. When a Keeper of Secrets walks in the lands of men, the battlefield is wracked with exultations of agony and ecstasy. The Greater Daemon of Slaanesh cuts down his prey, savoring every kill.

A Keeper of Secrets is a master of manipulation and temptation. It knows the hearts of mortals, and delights despoiling even the purest of intentions as only a Greater Daemon of the Dark Prince can. While an exceptionally formidable fighter in its own right, a Keeper of Secrets derives far more pleasure from seducing its prey into darkness and corruption, or mindless lust, before turning the hapless thrall upon his own allies.

Tome Unlocks Edit

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Keepers of Secrets XP: 84 N/A
Picked Clean Title: Herald of Temperance , XP: 204 Eataine: Discover a Specific Item.
Kill 25 Keepers of Secrets XP: 336 N/A
Kill 100 Keepers of Secrets XP: 500


Kill 1000 Keepers of Secrets  ???  ???  ???
 ???  ???  ???  ???

Named Keepers of SecretsEdit

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