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Kaspar Vogt is a powerful Magus who dwells in the dark peaks around Black Crag. Once a promising Wizard of the Grey College, Vogt fell in with a sinister cult and pledged his soul to Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, in exchange for secret knowledge and power denied him by his instructors at the College. The cult was discovered soon afterward, and Vogt fled before his part in it was discovered. Knowing he would not be safe among the people of the Empire, he fled to the World's Edge Mountains to continue his dark practices. In the Age of Reckoning, the winds of magic have grown strong and Vogt has discovered that his powers are suddenly amplified. When he spies the Dwarfs, he decides to test his newfound abilities. Now, he summons terrifying creatures of Chaos to send against them, all the while pleasing his dark master.

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