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Karak Kadrin, otherwise known as Slayer Keep, is a Dwarf stronghold and part of their ancient empire of Karak Ankor. It lies nestled in the northern range of the World's Edge Mountains. It overlooks Peak Pass - one of the few passes through the mountains into the Empire. As well as forming a major trade route, this pass is also a favoured choice for Greenskin hordes and Chaos raiders as they pass from the Dark Lands into the Empire. Consequently, Karak Kadrin has been beseiged more times than any other Dwarf stronghold - but has never fallen to its enemies, partly due to the insane heroics of the large population of Slayers that inhabit the keep.

The hold is home to the Shrine of Grimnir, Dwarven god of warriors and Slayers. It is tradition that all would-be Slayers travel to Karak Kadrin to have their name scribed at the temple of Grimnir, and to offer up their shaven hair to their god. Karak Kadrin is unique among all the holds of the Dwarfs in that its ruler, Ungrim Ironfist, is himself a Slayer. Bound by his duties as a monarch, he cannot leave and seek death in combat, and so he fulfills his Slayer oath by providing for other Slayers as they seek to fulfill their vows. At Karak Kadrin, a weary Slayer may find lodging, food and hospitality for as long as he needs it before resuming his quest for death. In return, those Slayers who remain at the keep are expected to help the King uphold his pledge to guard the Peak Pass, in particular the stretch which runs nearest to Karak Kadrin, which is known as Kadrin Valley.

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