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In its heyday, Karak Ankor's territory stretched from the north to the southern tip of the vast World's Edge Mountains, with Holds in the Black Mountains, Vaults and Grey Mountains of the Old World and also across the Dark Lands in the Mountains of Mourn. These Holds are large mountain fortresses, cities and/or mines, and are what most of Karak Ankor is made of. Hundreds of thousands of Dwarfs populated the ancient halls and built great works in vast holds that burrowed deep into the earth. The Dwarfs used their ancient underground network of tunnels - called the Undgrin Ankor - throughout the World's Edge Mountains to travel between most of the strongholds. Karak Ankor's capital is Karaz-a-Karak; and its leader is the High King. However, Karak Ankor has been gradually crumbling down, due to the marauding forces of Greenskins, Skaven, the War of Vengeance and the coming of Chaos. Even with the coming of Sigmar and the end of the Goblin Wars, the Dwarves have only managed to reclaim parts of what they once ruled. Karak Ankor of today , though somewhat renewed, is far from the grandeur and majesty of its ancient past, or possessing the untold riches it once had.


Existing Holds:Edit

  • Karaz-a-Karak* - Ancient capital of Karak Ankor. Its name roughly translates into "Everpeak". One of the only dwarf holds not to have fallen to the Skaven.
  • Zhufbar - half dwarven Hold and half human city where precious metals and ores are smelted, "Torrent-Gate" in Khazalid. Preparing for WAR against the Skaven.
  • Karak Hirn - Located in the Black Mountains. Also known as the Hornhold (Hirn means "Horn" in Khazalid), the Hold was named so because of the natural caverns in the surrounding mountains that produce a deep, echoing sound akin to a massive war horn when the wind passes through it. Engineers have added to these caverns, allowing the inhabitants to sound the 'horn' themselves.
  • Karak Izor - Located in The Vaults, north of Tilea.
  • Karak Drak - Located in the mountains of Norsca, far to the north. More properly known as Kraka Drak, as the Norse Dwarfs who inhabit it use a slightly different dialect of Khazalid.
  • Karak Norn - Located in the Grey Mountains, east of Athel Loren.

Lost Holds:Edit

  • Karak Kadrin was once the Slayer Keep, home of Ungrim Ironfist, but has now fallen to Skaven.
  • Barak Varr* - Dwarven sea fortress overlooking the Black Gulf. Fallen to Skaven.
  • Ekrund* - Outside the WAR continuity, this was one of the earlier strongholds to fall to the greenskins.
  • Karak Eight Peaks* - Has been completely overrun by Greenskins and Skaven.
  • Karak Azul- Overrun by Skaven.
  • Karak Drazh - Lost to Greenskins, renamed Black Crag*.
  • Karag Dum - Lost Hold in what is now the Chaos Wastes, contained a Bloodthirster which was killed by Gotrek Gurnisson.
  • Karak Zorn - Original capital of the Dwarfs. Situated a long way south in the World Edge Mountains. No record of since -2000.
  • Karak Azgal - Once an extremely wealthy Dwarf Hold called Karak Izril, has fallen to the Greenskins and Skaven.
  • Karak Ungor - First Dwarf stronghold to fall to the Greenskins, was held by the Red Eye tribe of Night Goblins and has been renamed to Red Eye Mountain. Later, Grimgor Ironhide claimed it, using it as his main base for a number of years before moving to Troll Country.
  • Karak Varn - Twin hold to Zhufbar, and a major source of the precious Gromril metal. First flooded, then lost to Skaven.
  • Karak Vlag - Located in the north of the World's Edge Mountains, disappeared into thin air during the first coming of Chaos.
  • Some holds in the Mountains of Mourn were lost in the ancient past, the Dwarfs there became Chaos Dwarfs.

* Appears in WAR.

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