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Kadon is an ancient necromancer and the founder of the Mourkain Empire, a human civilisation that thrived long ago before the time of Sigmar. As a young man, Kadon was a shaman, and also the young leader of the Lodringen tribe. After discovering the Crown of Sorcery (which was made by Nagash, the first necromancer) clutched in the hand of the corpse of King Alcadizaar of Khemri (At one time the ruler of all Nehekhara) on the banks of the Blind River, he became obsessed by death and the magic of necromancy.


Filled with the corrupting power of the crown, Kadon commanded his people to build a magnificent tomb for Alcadizaar and around that tomb, their settlement evolved into a city that came to be called Mourkain, Kadon expanded the lands around the temple to build the civilisation of Strygos. With the covert assistance of Ushoran, first of the Strigoi bloodline of vampires, Kadon saw the city grow over the years into an empire which, at its height, stretched from the Marshes of Madness all the way to the Black Gulf. Kadon developed and refined the art of necromancy to further Nagash's work, and he created several powerful magical artefacts dedicated to the raising and controlling of the Undead, many of which can still be found scattered throughout the world. Some have found their way into the hands of mighty heroes, while some remain hidden in remote lairs, waiting for adventurers to stumble across them.

The rapid expansion of the Strygos civilisation drove many Greenskins out of their settlements in the Badlands and into the World's Edge Mountains. The bellicose Orcs could not ignore this encroachment onto their territory for ever. Eventually, the Orc tribes united in a massive Waaagh! under the warboss Dork Redeye and marched upon the city of Mourkain. Despite being well-schooled in the Necromantic arts, Kadon's people were no match for the amassed might of the fearsome Greenskins and were slaughtered wholesale, their cities and villages burned to the ground. A massive battle was fought outside the gates of the city, during which Kadon himself was slain by the Orc warboss, although his crown was taken by his chief acolyte and spirited away before Kadon's army was defeated. Kadon's empire was destroyed entirely, so much so that the only indication it ever existed are the eerie cursed ruins that haunt the area.

Kadon in the Age of ReckoningEdit

As the Dwarfs and Greenskins wage bitter war during the Age of Reckoning, they are unaware that a new menace is taking shape in the foul and gloomy marsh. The winds of Chaos strengthen, and stirred by the rise of evil in the world, Kadon has risen once again. Craving his ancient crown and the power it will bring, the emperor of Mourkain has returned to menace the world. From the ruins of his ancient city deep in the nearby Badlands, the malevolent spectre calls upon his people to rise and take revenge upon the living.

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