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Josef Bugman is the most famous Master Brewer of the Dwarfs in history. The brewing community of Bugman's Brewery, in fact a small town, had been founded in ages past by the great Samuel Bugman, who was the grandfather of Josef Bugman.

Josef at first did not fight in the Goblin Wars, however the community of Bugman's Brewery was attacked and severly damaged.  In revenge he led a band of fellow survivors against the greenskins called Bugmens Rangers.  With his band of rangers he wreaked terrible vengence on goblinkind.  Endless ambushs, traps, and night time raids plagued the greenskins for years.  By the time he and his rangers were a dark nightmare among the goblins and orcs who dared to venture near dwarf lands.

Josef Bugman and his brew are famous through out dwarf lands for his ale and beer.  No other dwarf beer is more desired by dwarves.  

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