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Here is just a kill all those guildless nubs in Karos, so they can learn their lesson. When they think, they can solo all the way through out the game? Grinding alone is fun, or maybe you just do not like the idea of teamwork, you do not like to share, you are really bill gates, you can earn a lot carat by yourself, you do not need help, you hate helping others. Please think you can one person destroy genesis?

You are a fool who just join a guild, make the effort at least, once you join an active guild, you can have a lot of fun. You can get the cheapest karos gold. Just kick those inactive mmbers and recruit new mmbers.

You can know some guild is like" if you do not speak your alien language you can't join", there is so many english speaking guild, just ask around. And do not be so quiet: He is the person who asks a question is a fool for one minute, he is the person who never asks question remains a fool forever.

All the Guilds do not act like Genesis, allow everyone to join. Genesis think they are like the Lamborghini club in karos, so exclusive, even those italians do not do that. A bunch of losers, high level(Karos powerleveling) does not make your guild any better. Thanks for reading and have fun.



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