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'It's In The Bag is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for the Basilisk.

Instructions: OrderEdit

At 41.3k, 38.6k Black Crag is Duregar's Bag. Grab his bag and then return it to Duregar Bronzemug at 34k, 20k Black Crag for the Unlock.

Note: Might have to kill a few basilisks to get bag to spawn.

Note: This unlock may be broken. Tried on two separate occasions to do it, and the bag wouldn't spawn. Easily killed over two dozen basilisks in the immediate area as well to attempt spawn (each time).

Note: You can find the bag in one of the demolished orcbuildings.

Note: Found the bag as far up as 42, 35; it was in a ditch with grass in it, NE of the burnt huts.

Note: The clipping in the hills can hide the bag, only showing a little bit on the top.  Found it near the rocks NE of the huts.

Instructions: DestructionEdit

Collect six 'Lisk Meat from the Young Basilisks (Level 13 Basilisks) loc 9k, 10k just north of Da Great Big Food Pot (Orc Chapter 16). Then talk to Gubs (a Goblin), standing between a rock and the camp wall nearby (8900, 11500).


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