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Coldsnap SS

Coldsnap, the victim of this unlock

Bestiary unlock for Stone Troll

Order & DestructionEdit

Kill the stone troll Coldsnap ,a lvl 19 Champion in Troll Country located at 9k,5k.

The killing blow is required to trigger the unlock, and will not apply to other party members.

Note: The spawn timer can be up to an hour long so if your trying to get it for a group it can take a while.

Note:I soloed him as a 17 shaman there is a ice berge in the pond straight in front of him if you stand at the very top of it and pull him he gets stuck where he can't hit you.(this does not happen every pull though 3 out of 7 pulls he was stuck)

Note: I climbed to the top of the slanted tree on the small island. You have to pull him from the top of the ice berg, but then run up the tree quickly. Coldsnap won't get to you in time to stop you and you can hit him from there all you want. He can jump up on the tree but not long enough to hit you--don't be surprised when that happens though.


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