Ironmane's Defense

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Ironmane's Defense

Tier 1 Order RvR Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Grudgekeg's Guard
Start Norri Korgisson
End Norri Korgisson


Ironmane's Defense map
(click to enlarge)

Have ye met General Rordin Ironmane? His ancestors mined these mountains just like old Mordrin Bitterstone's forefathers did. The Ironmane clan's holdings included an old outpost that's still standin' all these years later. A fine example o' good Dwarf stonework, that tower is.

We just had word that the outpost was attacked by greenskins, but they were driven off. We need to make sure them filthy greenskins don't gain a foothold there. That'd give 'em a nice, defensible position to lob rocks an' whatnot at us.

If you've got the grint for a bit o' battlefield scoutin', perhaps you can go have a look an' make sure that outpost isn't filled with Goblins an' Orcs.

This ain't no time for beardlings. We need all the able lads an' lasses we can get!

- Norri Korgisson

Summary Edit

Go to Ironmane's Outpost and scout the area. Return to Norri Korgisson at Grudgekeg's Guard when done.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Yer beard must not be as long as it looks if yer comin' back here without the task bein' done.

- Norri Korgisson

On Completion Edit

Old Ironmane will be right pleased that we kept his outpost in good workin' order. It is in workin' order...isn't it?

- Norri Korgisson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1030

External Links Edit

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