Ironclaw Incursions

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Ironclaw Incursions

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Skalfson's Watch
Start Olfgin Steelhand
End Olfgin Steelhand


Ironclaw Incursions map
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Those blasted Ironclaw Greenskins are getting' in the way o' us moving the bitterstone out of Bloodhorn. We've been tryin' t' secure the roads through this 'ere pass, but those slack-jawed oafs still keep comin'.

Our scouts 'ave recently found where these waves o' green are comin' from. Down to our south is a massive encampment o' Greenskins. They seem to be led by a shaman named Marghaz, but they're takin' their orders from one named Rocksmasha.

We're goin' to head down there and clear out the Ironclaw, but first we need these attacks t' stop for a it. We've got t' get the bitterstone out o' Bloodhorn, no excuses. And if that means we 'ave to go down to that there camp to take down Rocksmasha and a bunch o' 'is boys, then we'll 'ave t' do it!

- Olfgin Steelhand

Summary Edit

Travel southwest to the Ironclaw camp where Marghaz holds sway. When you arrive, defeat Rocksmasha and several of his boys to sabotage the Greenskin raids on the Dwarfs.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

So long as Rocksmasha's down there free t' give them Ironclaws their orders, the attacks'll keep comin'. Get down t' that camp and put an end t' 'im!

- Olfgin Steelhand

On Completion Edit

So, Rocksmasha's dead is he? Good. That ought t' buy us enough time to put together a right proper raid on that camp. We're goin' t' crush those meddlin' Ironclaws completely. Once they're out o' our way, we should be safe t' get the bitterstone out o' Bloodhorn.

- Olfgin Steelhand

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2616

External Links Edit

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