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Ironclaw 'Eadbusta

Ironclaw 'Eadbusta

Rank 4 Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Greenskins
Species Goblin
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Battle of Bitterstone

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

Ironclaw 'Eadbustas are Goblin mobs that can be found in the Battle of Bitterstone, a Public Quest and subzone located in central Ekrund. The warriors of the Ironclaw Tribe have claimed the territory surrounding Bitterstone Mine as their own. From a stronghold in Bitterstone Gorge these greenskins launch wave after wave of attacks against the Dwarf defenders.

Public Quests Edit

Ironclaw 'Eadbustas can be found in the Public Quest Battle of Bitterstone, and spawn during the final stage; three of these Goblins, along with the Orc Champion Krusha Skag, act as the Public Quest's final challenge.

Battle of Bitterstone

  • Stage 3: Ironclaw 'Eadbustas 0/3

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