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An ironclad historically is a wooden ship completely or mostly covered in armor plate, which usually employs an engine for propulsion rather than sails. The Dwarf Fleet, based out of Barak Varr, consists entirely of ironclads.


According to Games Workshop's UK site, in 2321 IY the Dwarf Fleet defeated a Skaven fleet in the Battle of Bloodwater Sound, after the Skaven had already destroyed the Human fleets of the time.

Age of ReckoningEdit

According to the images posted on Mythic's site, the in-game ironclads have two smokestacks and rely on two paddlewheels for propulsion, one placed on either side of the ironclad. Both the smokestacks and the paddlewheels are mounted on the aft third of the vessel. Visible armament consists of a large cannon or flamecannon mounted on the fore, another aft, and several cannon ports lining the sides of the superstructure.

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