Into the Maw of Gutrot I

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Into the Maw of Gutrot

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Skalfson's Watch
Start Olfgin Steelhand
End Ranger Borin

Quest Chain

Olfgin Steelhand
  • Into the Maw of Gutrot I

Ranger Borin


Into the Maw of Gutrot I map
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Bloody Squigs!

They smashed through camp this morning, eating whatever came near. One of 'em, the biggest I've ever seen, even got Rolun Hammerson's hammer!

Listen here. Ranger Borin and Rolun headed after 'em to try and track them down. Catch up to Borin and see what can be done to help.

- Olfgin Steelhand

Summary Edit

Travel to Snotwood, and search for Ranger Borin along the southern edge.

Speak to Ranger Borin once you find him.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Shhh! The forest is watchin' us. Thats' where them Squigs ran to.

Must be a cave up there somewhere.

- Ranger Borin

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1850

External Links Edit

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