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Witch Hunter ability - Incognito - 2008 Nov 22.jpg
Learned on Rank 1
Core Ability
Usable by Witch Hunter
No cost
30 Sec.

Action Name: Incognito

A Witch Hunter Ability gained at level 10.

Description: You begin quietly searching for heretics making it less likely that hostile forces will notice you but slowly draining away your action points. This effect will end if you use any abilities or run out of action points.

Stealth. You are actually invisible to enemy players, and look like a shadowy form to friendly players. This ability lasts for about 30 seconds or so, until your action points hit 50%. During this time, all other abilities are "grayed-out" and can't be used, except a couple of specific ones that are specifically designed for that purpose. The Witch Elf has a very similar ability, Shadow Prowler.

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