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Ability Immaculate Defense.png
Learned on Rank 1
Rank 4 Morale
An impressive display of defensive which reduces incoming damage by 75% for both you and all group members within 100 feet of you for 10 seconds.

Give your party members within 100 feets of you a buff that lasts 10 seconds and reduces incoming damage by 75%.

This morale ability is shared by all tanks.

Functionality Edit

Uses Edit

  • Very useful panic button specially in a party deployed to forward positions.
  • Useful to survive splitting guarder and guardee

Limitation Edit

  • PBAoE with a good range, but still PBAoE none the less.
  • Affects only party members.
  • Very brief duration, needs to be timed perfectly.
  • Does not affect Morale Damage, including damage from guard

Immaculate Defense Tips Edit

  • Timing is of the essence, keep it ready and bait some damage to make sure the enemies mean business but fire it before people starts to actually die.
  • Synchronize it with your party members most suicidal attacks, BW/SO at max combustion, BL/CH in frenzied states and whatnot.

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