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Sheet of Paper

Sheet of Paper

Zone Nordland
Subzone Grimmenhagen
Coordinates 27000, 56000

The Griffon roster is filled with ink-penned names. Name after name fills the left-hand column, while an untidy train of scrawled X's fill the right. Here and there a name can be made out, signaling some lucky individual whose wealth or status have ensured their book learning. The majority of those who have risen to defend the Empire cannot even spell their own name.

Illiteracy is one of two Achievements that make up the Pursuit Illiteracy.

Unlock Details Edit

Order & Destruction Edit

  • Zone: Nordland
  • Coordinates: 27000, 56000
  • Locate and interact with the Sheet of Paper, a roster of those in Grimmenhagen Village that gave joined the Order of the Griffon in defense of the region. It can be found inside the village, where it rests on a desk in front of the recruiter Scrivener Elwin.

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