Illidial Windweaver

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Illidial Windweaver

Illidial Windweaver

Rank 2 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species High Elf
Gender Male
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Pick & Goggles
Coordinates 20200, 36100

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

Curse the Witch King and his minions! When the battle here is through I will hunt the Dark Elves again.

- Illidial Windweaver

Illidial Windweaver is a High Elf Shadow Warrior that can be found in the Pick & Goggles, a tavern located in the Bitterstone Mine complex of southern Ekrund. He's come to the region in order to assist the Dwarfs in retaking their former holdings, but his advice has been disregarded by the gruff warriors that fight in the area.

Quests Edit

What I would not give to set my eyes upon the evergreen forests of Ulthuan again.

- Illidial Windweaver

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