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I Just Washed This Cloak is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for the Warhawk.

Entry Details Edit

Order & Destruction Edit

  • Zone: The Shadowlands
  • Location: 24600,22200
  • Kill the Skyherald Warhawk perched next to Elder Meresene to unlock this entry. Chance of the unlock is roughly 50%.
Skyherald Warhawk

NOTE: There is one Skyhunter Mauler in this area sitting on top of a rock. It has a fast respawn rate (appx. 30secs), and the drop rate of the feathers is better than 50%.

NOTE: If you dont get unlock at first attempt wait for respawn and try again. Got it playing Order at 3rd attempt (22 September 2010).

Rewards Edit

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