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Bandit concept

A human bandit

Humans are an intelligent race in the Warhammer universe, essentially biologically and culturally identical to humans in the real world and living much shorter lives than the Dwarfs or Elves. There are several human nations in the Warhammer World, mostly located in the Old World region, with the eastern nations of Cathay, Nippon and the Kingdoms of Ind being much less well-known.

Humans populate the Empire, the largest of the Old World's nations. The other human states include Bretonnia, Tilea, Estalia, Kislev, the city state of Marienburg, and the minor principalities of the Border Princes. Although all these nations share trading links and a common racial heritage, they are in no way allied, and relations between the different states are rarely friendly. All the nations of the Old World are considered 'civilised', and all reject the lure of the Chaos Gods and the Realm of Chaos, instead worshipping a pantheon of gods of Order which, with a few exceptions, are recognised by all human Old Worlders.

Other groups of humans include the Northmen (the Hung, the Kurgan and the Norse) from Norsca and the northern Chaos Wastes who make up the bulk of the followers of the Ruinous Powers, the Arabyans of the deserts of Araby, the fierce ebon-skinned people from the tropical Southlands, and the various scattered primitive tribes that live in the New World.

In comparison to the other intelligent races of the Warhammer World, humans are considered the most adaptable, and the most prone to compulsion. While this can give rise to the single-mindedness, ingenuity and (self-) righteous conviction found in the citizens of the Empire, it also allows humans to be easily corrupted and manipulated by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. The most favoured of all the followers of the Chaos Gods are almost always human.

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