House Arkaneth Sentinel

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House Arkaneth Sentinel

House Arkaneth Sentinel

Rank 3 Mob
Type Humanoid
Subtype Elf
Species Dark Elf
Zone The Blighted Isle
Subzone House Arkaneth PQ

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

House Arkaneth Sentinels are Dark Elf mobs that spawn during the second stage of the House Arkaneth Public Quest, in the Blighted Isle. They arrive in two waves unless their leader, Kehron Darksoul, is defeated before the second wave arrives. If this occurs, the second wave never spawns.

Involved in Public Quests Edit

Stage 2: Defend Shining Guard Crewmen for 6:00 Minutes
House Arkaneth Sentinels spawn alongside their leader, Kehron Darksoul.

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