House Arkaneth (public quest)

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House Arkaneth

Tier 1 {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Order
Zone The Blighted Isle
Chapter 1
Rally Master Captain Talorith
For the Dark Elf House, see House Arkaneth

The Black Ark of House Arkaneth looms over the ruins of fallen Calumel. Druchii warriors make ready to invade, as the defenders of the besieged community attempt to prepare a defense capable of withstanding the advance of their dark cousins.

Tasks Edit

  • Slay 30 Guards and Shades
  • Defend Shining Guard Crewmen for 6:00 Minutes
NOTE: House Arkaneth forces arrive in three regiments, each led by a named regimental leader. Defeating each leader spawns the next, and the defeat of all three leaders immediatly triggers the third stage of the Public Quest.

House Arkaneth PQ Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

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