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This is a Bestiary Unlock for the Flamer.


Kill Kruk'tar the Drunken in Nordland around 18000,42000 for a Mote of Change. Hand in this Mote of Change to Aialye Lynsellia at High elf Chapter 16 in Eataine. Or killing the Soulflame, a level 41 Flamer of Tzeentch. at 48000,7000, you also obtain the Mote of Change.


Talk to a Soulflame, a level 41 Flamer of Tzeentch in the Chaos Wastes at 48000,7000. Please note that Soulflame spawns in two locations and you must talk to the correct one.

When you talk to it, the Soulflame says:

Greetings. Your journey to me could not have been an easy one. You seek knowledge and power, I can sense that. You are a worthy sort, I shall share with you knowledge of my kind. Remember well however, that power does not always come so easily.


Title: The Banisher

XP: 204

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