Horrors of War II

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Horrors of War II

Order PvE Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Eagleguard Captain
End Liraenor Nightwhisper
Previous Horrors of War I


Horrors of War II map
(click to enlarge)

The Dark Elves employ Orcs as fodder for our Bolt Throwers while they use their Corsairs to mount an offensive upon our flanks! Asuryan help us!

Please, {career}, you must hold the enemy back while we tend to the Eagle Claws!

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

We cannot allow their offensive to push us back! Our positions must be held at all costs!

Completion Text Edit

The Dark Elves are a twisted breed who are driven to see my people eliminated. They have no remorse for the lives they take, and they are not troubled by the losses they suffer.

How is Ulthuan to survive when such brutal tactics are employed against us? We have not the lives to throw away! Each of our number that falls to a Dark Elf bolt or a greenskin's blade is an irreplaceable loss!

If my terrible cousins have lowered themselves to joining forces with Orcs and Goblins, then their desire to conquer our land has reached a perilous zenith.

The Dark Elves shun any claim to decency! In so doing, they bring doom to all Elves, both High and Dark alike.

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Quest Progression Edit

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