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Artofshaman 000


Horgulul is the third boss in the west wing of Lost Vale.

Abilities: Melee Attack - Physical damage that depends on how many wards you have. It's easily doable with 6/6 Sentinel, which is what we did it with. Knockback - Knocks everyone in melee range back. Spawn Painlings - Spawns about 10 level 40 regular mobs that do 200-300 damage per hit.

Fight Overview: You should pull her to the middle of the room so you don't have any random pathers aggro you while you're fighting her. For the most part she is a simple tank and spank. Every 25% she'll knockback people in melee range and spawn 10 Painlings. The Painlings do about 200-300 damage and die relatively easy. At 75% and 50% have your DPS stop attacking the boss and switch to the Painlings. At 25% sometimes it's better to just zerg the boss down while tanking the Painlings.

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