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Hoeth, the Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge, is the Elven god of learning and sorcery. Although one of the Elvish pantheon and held in esteem by all of the Asur, Hoeth does not have much of a priesthood nor an organized system of churches in Ulthuan, save at the White Tower of Hoeth. Yet all of the scholars, teachers, mages - all who seek truth and understanding - are His servants in the world.

The center of Hoeth's worship is the White Tower, raised at the order of the Scholar King Bel-Korhandis where mages go to learn the art of High Magic. The White Tower is guarded by the Swordmasters of Hoeth, an ancient order of ascetic warrior-monks who stand guardian over the Tower and the scholars who dwell within. These devotees of the sword devote themselves to the worship of Hoeth in no lesser manner than those who study High Magic, learning to control their bodies and their minds through meditation and exercise.

In traditional religious iconography, Hoeth is depicted as an elderly elf, clad in the robes of a Loremaster.

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