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Hochland is a province/state in the central-northern region of the Empire. The Middle Mountains border the northern edge, although no Dwarf strongholds can be found here. Only Beastmen, Trolls and other monsters can be found here. The border with Ostland is contested and the soldiers of Hochland must always be careful, lest they let their larger enemy in. To the south-east Middenland borders Hochland and Talabecland completes the south-western border.


Hochland is not heavily populated and is covered mainly in dense forest.

Hochland is consider an increadibly backward and supicious place, however this is mainly due to lack of contact with the other Imperial provinces. Because most of Hochland advocates the Old Faith, said lack of contact has created many rumours about and unfounded stereotypes of Hochland and it's people.

In fact, Hochland has one of the most advanced administrative system in the Old World; Hochland itself is divided into 8 regions which are ruled by governors who are elected by landowners and other upstanding citizens. The governors directly report to the elector count, and any problems citizens face with lack of reasources or establishments are rectified (mainly internally). This advanced administrative system is especially useful to Hochland due to it's both sparse and spread-out population; without regular contact with other parts of Hochland through their governors, reasources that cannot be found locally soon run out.

Such an administrative system cannot usually be effective in such an area, as the forests are dangerous to traverse and small settlements are prime targets for Beastmen and Orcs who live in the forests.

However, Hochland has developed several ways of overcoming this problem. For one, Villages deep in the forests have stone walls as the governors in charge have reported the problems and stone has been sent from the areas around the Middle Mountains.

The main reason for Hochland's smooth functioning, however, is the best hunting equipment and technique in the world.
It was a Hochlander who invented the Long Rifle and Hochland is where is most commonly used, this weapon is extremely useful for hunting and fighting in the dense forestry.

Other factors that contribute to the advanced status of the hunting system include the specially trained hunters who will often track 'prey' for days or silently wait for hours on end and the Hochlander's development of an alarming array of traps.

Many battles are fought against the Beastmen of the mountains and forests, although these are more minor skirmishes than all out war. Due to this threat, Hochland maintains a Jaegerkorps, an elite unit of marksmen armed with Long Rifles. They are a key part of the defences and the severed heads and flayed hides of their foes arrayed around settlements are a testament to their effectiveness.

The current Elector Count of Hochland is Aldebrand Ludenhof and he lives in a fortified palace at the centre of the one major city, Hergig. The Gor Gorthor attacked this city during his ravages and was was slain by Hochland's then Elector Count Mikael Ludenhof. Aldebrand has a son named Konrad Ludenhof, who is said to be the heir to the throne. Ludenhof has a passion for hunting and his collection of hawks is world famous. This love of hunting is nothing new, as most Hochlanders have it and in particular, the nobility spend more time in the forest hunting lodges than they do elsewhere.

Indeed, Hunting is what the society of Hochland is built around. Every village and town will have a master Hunter, who will have several apprentices. These apprentices take part in an annual hunting competition that spans the whole of Hochland, and the winner is presented with the status of master hunter for their village and the glory and fame that goes with it.

Every 10 years, master hunters from the previous 10 years in every village come together and elect one of their number to take part in a competition which decides who will be the Provincial master hunter and represent their province in the Guild of Hunters (The guild technically involves hunters from The Empire and Kislev, though it's buildings are in Hergig and members are mostly Hochlanders).

Every 50 years, provincial grand masters fron the past 50 years in every province elect a candidate to take part in a county competition; The winner of this is proclaimed Grand Hunter and is given a seat in the county court. Though they serve the whole of the 50 year period, most are dead by the time another Grand Hunter is to be elected. The current Grand Hunter is Chrestaph Kleidervolk.

Many other unofficial competitions take place, the army is mainly staffed by ex-hunters and hunters are often chosen to be governors. All in all, Hochlanders hold an obsession for hunting that is only matched by the Ogre Kingdoms to the east.

The current colour scheme of Hochland is red and green in a half-half pattern.

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