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Hoarding Gold

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Goldbrow's Lament
Start Ainin Goldbrow
End Ainin Goldbrow


Hoarding Gold map
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It's so beautiful! I can't take my eyes off it! The feel of it! The cloying odor!

What's wrong with you, {race}? You act as if ya never heard a Dwarf speak about his hoarding gold before!

No, you dolt! You don't spend hoarding gold! You spend spending gold! And if you're looking to make some spending gold, I've got the means ...

The blasted Snotlings have been making off with some of our gold ore. They've taken it back into Stonemane's Junction. Bring back the ore, and I'll see about smeltin' some spending gold for the both of us!

- Ainin Goldbrow

Summary Edit

Travel across Goldbrow's Lament into Stonemane's Junction and locate two Sacks of Gold Ore. Bring the gold ore back to Ainin Goldbrow in Goldbrow's Lament.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

In Progress Edit

Can't you hear it calling your name? The gold, you ignoramus! The gold!

- Ainin Goldbrow

On Completion Edit

Well shave my beard and call me an Elf! Will you look at all that gold!

Well it's not gold yet! We'll have to crush up the stone to get at the grains of gold, and then we'll have to ... don't rush me!

Fine! Here's some of my emergency gold. Don't ask me for another ounce, 'cause you're more likely to see Grimnir walk in here and cluck like a chicken!

- Ainin Goldbrow

Rewards Edit

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