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The history of both Dark Elves and High Elves are intertwined in thier origins. Before the cataclysmic chain of events known as 'The Sundering' both were of one and the same race, dwelling on thier island realm of Ulthuan far across the Western sea. The peoples that would eventually become the Dark Elves were from the northern realm of Nagarythe on Ulthuan. A hard and grim folk, the Naggarothii as they were known, suffered more than most other Elven kingdoms during the invasion of the Chaos daemons This chronicles the events of significance in the history of the Dark Elves .All dates contained herein use the Imperial calender of the Empire for ease of reference.


-4461 Aenarion, the first Phoenix king, rescues the seeres Morathi from an army of Chaos Daemons. They found their court in fortress of Anlec

-4458 Morathi bears Aenarion a son, Malekith

-4419 Aenarion is slain at the battle of the Isle of the Dead. Malekith is not chosen by a council of Elven princes at Avelorn to become the new Phoenix king and Bel Shanaar is chosen in his place.

-4164 The foundation of the first colonies across the Great Ocean in lands later known to men as the 'Old World'. Malekith lands at the besieged city of Athel Toralien. Abandoned by their ruling prince, the people swear fealty to Malekith and Nagarythe and thus the Naggarothii relieve the siegeing Orcs.

-3997 Malekith fights alongside the Dwarven High King, Snorri Whitebeard against a horde of beastmen. Malekith's Naggarothii come under assault from a Dragon-Ogre Shaggoth, Snorri aides Malekith before the Naggarothii prince strikes the killing blow.

-3419 Worship of the Underworld Gods, the Cytharai, begins to spread across Nagarythe. Over the coming centuries, these practices begin to grow into the dark cults that spring up across Ulthuan's society.

-2839 Bel Shanaar visits the colonies and the Dwarves in Karaz-a-Karak. While there he proclaims Malekith ambassador to the Dwarves, Inflamed with rage, Malekith retreats to the wilds to slay game for a number of months.

- 2789  Malekith begins his period of exploring the world by organising an expidition to the Northern wastes. Morathi arrives in Athel Toralien with the Dragonship Indraugnir, which she gifts to Malekith. In the wastes of the North Malekith discovers the iron circlet and looks upon the daemonic realms of Chaos through it's scorcery.

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