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Hildebrande Lang

Hildebrande Lang

Rank 11 Career Trainer
Realm Order
Species Empire
Gender Female
Zone Nordland
Subzone Grey Lady Coaching Inn
Coordinates 21600, 26600

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"Hail defender of the Empire! Your performance in battle is the only thing that keeps the hordes of Chaos at bay. Let's begin your training at once!"

- Hildebrande Lang

Hildebrande Lang's duty is to train those that have made their way to the Grey Lady Coaching Inn, individuals that have already proven themselves in the besieged farmlands of southern Nordland. Well aware that the abilities of those she oversees are vital to the survival of the region's inhabitants, she is eager to share her knowledge with others.

Training Edit

Hildebrande Lang is the primary Trainer in Chapter 2 of the Empire Campaign, and offers both Career and Mastery Training to players that visit her.

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