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The High King is the traditional leader of all the Dwarfs and the King of the Dwarf hold of Karaz a Karak. The position of High King has remained since the time of Grungni and the Dwarf Ancestor Gods. The High King should not be confused with regular Dwarf Kings, who are the ruler of a single Dwarf Hold, such as Karak Ungor or Karak Azgal.

There have been many High Kings throughout history, though Dwarfs live longer than humans, they do not live long enough to have a small amount of Kings in their history such as the Phoenix Kings of the High Elves.

Line of High KingsEdit

Some of the more notable High Kings have been (In chronological order):

Snorri WhitebeardEdit

A High King who, in the time when Dwarfs and Elves were allies, and before the Sundering, combined his armies with Malekith (who was the war-leader of Ulthuan at the time) to drive Chaos forces from the Old World. He became a dear friend to Malekith and made an oath that if the oaths of alliance between elves and dwarves were ever broken then he would come back from the dead and reap a terrible vengance on the enemies of the dwarves. Some dwarves think that the white dwarf is their first high king returned from the dead.

Gotrek StarbreakerEdit

Gotrek was the High King of the Dwarfs and was close friend and ally of the High Elf's united and helped push chaos out of the Old World. Trade and commerce with the High Elf's flourished. At the time he was unaware of the High Elven Civil war on the mainland of Ulthuan and was tricked by Malekith to mistake Dark Elf raids as High Elf raids on Dwarf caravans, villages and also cheat Dwarf Merchants on goods and prices for an act of war by the High Elves. Gotrek was Angered and concerned at this act by a race he had peaceful relations with, but calmly cooled his fellow kings wanting avoid confrontation against his ally sent diplomats to the High Elf colonies in the Old World to ask why for such a offense to his brethren and demanded an investigation in the matter and the High Elf's flat out refused and denied all claims and sent the envoys away. Even then High King Gotrek angered by his close Ally's silence still wanted to avoid confrontation and wanted to pursue it peacefully and diplomatically with his close Ally's sent his best envoy's and Ambassadors directly to Ulthuan to get audience directly with the Phoenix King to press they're concern and claims directly. The Phoenix King Caledor II denied all claims and accusations and was unaware of Dark Elf Raids being taken place against the Dwarfs, not wanting to be slighted or his reputation to be insulted got angered by the claims, The Lead Ambassador the High King's personal Advisor asked if no compensation would take place to at least Investigate the matter internally and punish the ones responsible for the acts against the Dwarfs who were they're Allies at the time. In a fit of anger Caledor II Ordered the Ambassador's Beard to be shaven which was a grave insult to the Ambassador, the High King, and the Dwarf people by extension. They casted the Diplomatic entourage out of Ulthuan in disgrace, the Dwarf ambassador who's beard was shaved was so shamed by the incident became a Slayer because of his humiliation. When High King Gotrek was told of the events that conspired in Ulthuan He swore a grudge in the Great Book of Grudges against the High Elf's vowing the insult and attacks would be paid in either gold or blood. Enraged, Gotrek declared war on the Asur and thus began the War of Vengeance. The war ended when Gotrek slew the Phoenix King Caledor II in single combat, taking the Phoenix crown as a prize and ended the War of Vengeance after the grudge was paid.

Morgrim BlackbeardEdit

A King who, in IC -i245, drove Greenskins from the World's Edge Mountains.

Skorri MorgrimsonEdit

The son of Morgrim Blackbeard. In IC -975 he lead a huge army to recapture Karak Ungor, but failed. This was during the "Time of Woes".

Logan ProudbeardEdit

A King who, in IC -380, was captured and humiliated by Greenskins. He was recaptured by a force of Dawi under Gozarin Silverhorn.

Kurgan IronbeardEdit

King Kurgan Ironbeard was High King roughly 2500 years ago (around 0 IC) in the time of Sigmar. The young Sigmar came to the aid of King Kurgan, who had been captured by Greenskins. In return Kurgan gifted Sigmar with the mighty rune hammer Ghal Maraz. In time, the holds of the Dwarfs were besieged by more and more Greenskins, and so Kurgan sent Alaric the Mad to beseech Sigmar's coalition of tribes for help. The humans came, and the allies defeated the Greenskin horde at the Battle of Black Fire Pass. Kurgan would later command Alaric to forge the Runefangs for the Elector Counts, and a crown for Sigmar at his coronation.

Thorgrim GrudgebearerEdit

Thorgrim Grudgebearer is the High King in the modern day of Warhammer and the Age of Reckoning. He is extremely old - even by Dwarf standards - and has reigned for the last several hundred years. Like many High Kings before him, Thorgrim has vowed not to rest until every last grudge in the Great Book of Grudges is avenged - few of his predecessors, however, have pursued the matter with such focus and determination.

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