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High Elf Archer
Creature Info
Type Unknown
Sub-Type Unknown
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown

When a High Elf begins his martial training, he will first be educated in the rudiments of warfare, armed with a finely wrought sword and a longbow. He is educated in the use of both of these weapons until his skill far exceeds that of a man, and only then is he allowed to see battle as an Archer. In disciplined ranks, these Archer regiments of Ulthuan unleash accurate volleys of arrows upon their foes.

The longbows of the High Elves are constructed from alternating layers of wood, taken from the many forests around Ulthuan, which endow them with great power and range. Each Archer maintains his own weapons, and a great deal of pride and care is placed into the act of fletching new arrows for war. An Archer will often carve intricate patterns or runes onto the shaft of his individual arrows, so that after a battle he can prove which foes were slain by his shots.

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