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Bestiary unlock for Daemonvine


Talk to Xavian Gerrad at 50k, 61k in the Chaos Wastes and listen to his threats. ~Lucrin

Note: Might have to complete Cutting Bonds prior to recieving this unlock. ~Lucrin


Stand near the NPC Anya Gerrad at 5700,10200 in the Chaos Wastes and listen to her tale.

You MUST stay near her while she repeats her tale.

Note: You may have to right-click on her to make her start the tale.

Here is all of her tale.

"Anya Gerrad says: It was a least, that's

what it looked like. was a beast! I looked

away when our livestock and neighbors started

going missing. 'Xavian would never do such a

thing.' Never...Ha!"

"Anya Gerrad Says: not so foolish as to

expect mercy in, so I ask you for

vengeange, for spite's sake! Kill Xavian's precious

plant. Murder the false dreams he...sold me.

The man himself is gone...but I would see his

lie laid to waste as well."

"Anya Gerrad says: You...will need to fine(?) his

knife...silvery it was. I think he used it to

sacrifice the plant-beast. It is

somewhere out here in the wastes...Xavian

escaped to this hell when Praag was sieged! As

for the beast...I do not know."


See the various locations in Cutting Bonds

The knife Anya refers to is the Sacrificial Kris - you can find this in a mound of dirt nearby The demonvine is Xavian's Pride in West Praag


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