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Each time you use a Hidden Scroll that leads to a The History of the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock, a short letter will appear in your Misc chat window.

This letter will read will read: "Hidden Scroll says:", followed by the letter left there by the Bretonnian Knight of the Realm, Sir Reynolds Ianeaux, during his quest for the Grail.

Table of "The History of the" Unlocks
Task Location Reward
The History of the Servants of Chaos Reikland at 17k, 64k Title: Foe of the Dark Gods, Xp: 1254
The History of the Dark Elves Eataine at 30k, 36k Title: Lion Guard, Xp: 1254
The History of the Goblins Black Crag at 39.5k, 61k Title: Grot's Doom, Xp: 1254
The History of the Dwarfs Kadrin Valley at 34.5k,7k Title: Forgebreaker, Xp: 1254
The History of the High Elves Caledor at 38k,30k Title: Isha's Lament, Xp: 1254
The History of the Empire Chaos Wastes at 22.5,9k Title: The Anarchist , Xp: 1254
The History of the Orcs Butcher's Pass at 22k,11k Title: The Orc Flayer, Xp: 1254

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