Herald's Cloak (Rank 15)

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Heavy Metal Cloak 001 Herald's Cloak
Bind on Pickup
+ 6 Toughness
+ 28 Spiritual Resistance
+ 28 Elemental Resistance
+ 28 Corporeal Resistance
+ 111 Armor Bonus
+ 1 Reduction in being Critically Hit
Minimum Rank: 15
Race: Dwarf, High Elves, Empire
Use: The triumphant glory of the Empire removes a Hex, Curse, and Ailment from you.

The Tier 2 Herald's Cloak is an exclusive Influence Reward available only during the Heavy Metal Live Event.

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The Herald's Cloak is an Advanced Influence Reward for Order characters, and can be selected from Four Available Cloaks offered to players by the Grand Master Knight in Altdorf for participating in the daily tasks that comprise the Heavy Metal Event.

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