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Have Ale Will Travel

Tier 2 Order Travel Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Thane's Defense
Start Thane Karrasteel
End Barin Oathsmiter


Have Ale Will Travel map
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There's still fightin' to be had here but it's about time I pay Barin back for sending me help in the first place. Without him we never would have held Bar Dawazbak this long.

I happen to have here a manling brew, something they call whiskey. Now, they call it whiskey, but it's chuffing mockery o` proper drink.

- Thane Karrasteel

Summary Edit

Travel into the Marshes of Madness to the Reekmarsh Camp.

Find Barin Oathsmiter, and deliver Thane Karrasteel's gift to him.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Will wonders never cease? A gift from Karrasteel is it? I can only imagine what it is, perhaps a keg of Bugman's best.

Manling brew! I swear I'll choke the life out of Karrasteel! There's not a spot in the book of grudges big enough for this affront!

Hmm, whiskey is what they call it? It's unfit for consumption, but we all got to make sacrifices durin' wartime.

- Barin Oathsmiter

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1810
  • 29 Silver Coin 25 Copper Coin

External Links Edit

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