Hastily Stacked Papers

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Hastily Stacked Papers

Hastily Stacked Papers

Zone The Badlands (T3)
Coordinates 31500, 51500 (T3)

The manifest contains an account of the ship's cargo:
- 10 crates of gold artifacts
- 10 crates of unearthed pottery
- 5 crates of bronze weapons
- 9 crates of misc. artifacts
- 1 sarcophagus

- Cargo Manifest, Quest Completion Text: Antiquities Lost I

The Hastily Stacked Papers are an intractable object found in the Badlands and several other zones that plays a role in an Order Quest exclusive to the Beyond the Sands Live Event.

Use Edit

Interacting with the Hastily Stacked Papers allows players to loot the Quest Item Cargo Manifest.

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