Harnessing a Vision

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Harnessing a Vision

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Molora
End Molora


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I have followed the visions, Orc. Throusands of miles, from nightmare to nightmare, until I look out at the world through the broken eyes of dreams. A torn and bloody orb I saw, filling the sky with scarlet streams, a rushing torrent of crimson.

Do you see, Choppa? This reddened orb is teh same Bloody Sun these beasts bear, a sign as plane as life and death, all laid before me like a path burned upon the world.

See the proof of my visions all around us, Kiglorz Ravens circle above us, waiting... watching.

You must help me see, Kiglorz. What is next for me? Help me wrench the beating truth from the winds of fate.

Particulars Edit

  • Search Lobber Hill to find the things Molora needs. You'll find Orc Ichor on the Wounded Bloody Suns, Stunty bits in Meat Barrels in Da Slop, and Shiny Mushroom from inside the hut behind Gubnash. Right Click on each to collect the ingredients
  • Return to Molora on Lobber Hill when finished

Requirements Edit

  • Orc Ichor 0/1
  • Stunty Bits 0/1
  • Shiny Mushroom 0/1

Rewards Edit

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