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The Handmaidens are Elite guards of Alarielle The Everqueen of Ulthuan. They're always 100 in number, pulled from all over Ulthuan. For elfmaids, being the servant of the Everqueen is the highest honor, making the competition fierce. It requires great amounts of beauty, loyalty, and skill with blades and arts to even be considered for the position. Though the positions don't last long, only for a few decades, these warrior women are deadly as the training rivals that of the most martial of princes.

The Handmaidens are also more than mere bodyguards, they're also the Everqueen's confidants and advisors. For all the glamour of the Evercourt, the Elven Queen is bombarded by nobles with ulterior motives, if not a few Druchii turncoats here and there. These handpicked warriors are some of the few Elves the Everqueen can trust, and they serve their mistress with undying love.

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