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New Updated Article: Hammerer

Hammerer concept art 2

Hammerer concept art.

Hammerer ss

Screenshot showing a Hammerer.

Dwarf hammer

Concept art showing a Dwarven hammer.

The Hammerer was a candidate to be the melee DPS archetype career for the Dwarfs but was cut from the game at launch (along with the Choppa who returned) and later dropped in favour of the Slayer. Hard as nails and aggressive as an entire hill of fire ants, the Hammerer is an offensive powerhouse.

Career overviewEdit

The Dwarf Hammerer takes his name from the primary tool of his trade, His mighty warhammers. The primary -- and in fact only -- role of this highly focused career is to simply bash things. Enemies that get in his way will soon discover that he performs this role very well. the hammerer is officialy a bodyguard of the king and they are known for their strength, resiliance skill and above all tougness by other Dwarfs. this is something, when you consider that Dwarfs are a stubborn race.

Lacking the subtlety and all-roundedness of other classes, the Hammerer makes up for it with brute force. His skills, his tactics and his playstyle all focus around delivering as much damage as possible to single foes as he can, while relying on his above-average armor to keep him alive while they are still kicking. His attacks also cause various state effects, reducing the effectiveness of his foe and further tipping the scales of war in his favor.

Speciality Edit

The special ability of the Hammerer is his ability to build up momentum in combat. Fueling his rage and uncanny persistence, each blow he strikes makes the next come harder and faster. In essence, the longer the Hammerer fights, the more lethal he becomes -- and as his momentum approaches its peak, it allows him to unleash special attacks of devastating force.

Some of these attacks are so powerful that they stun even the Hammerer himself and he loses the momentum he has gained, starting him over on his road to rage.

Abilities Edit

A few abilities and tactics have been revealed for the Hammerer so far. Some of these have been translated and should not be considered entirely accurate. Note - these are taken from a very early stage of the game and are almost guaranteed to change.

Actions Tactics Morale
It's Time!
Iron Migraine
Finish Him!
Impact Wave
Sundering Blow
Critical Strike
Great Hammer
Joy of Battle
Noggin' Knock
Kidney Strike
Mouth Full O' Hammer
Magic Resistance
unknown Shatter Weapon
Whirlwind Attack
Grungni's Hammerfall
Crushing Momentum

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