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Welcome to HammerWiki, a wiki guide for Warhammer Online, that anyone can edit.
We are currently maintaining 6,396 articles and we could use you to help out.
Announcement Current Game Version: Version 1.4.5.a - Past Updates

Released 6th March, 2012

LiveEvents Current Live Event: Days of Doom - Past Live Events

Finishes Monday 12th March, 2012

HammerWiki Contents

Game basics

Absorb more information about the game.

The Lore of WAR

Read more Lore articles.

Help Pages

Find out more about helping out.

WAR Stations

What else is new? Recently... edited articles, created articles, uploaded images

WAR wikis in other languages

The main page is locked for editing by non-sysops because it is often targetted for vandalism. But you can still influence how it looks like any other page. Proposals for the main page can be added on the edit copy.

Gear Icon Footer retired - see

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