Halls of Our Heritage

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Halls of Our Heritage

Tier 2 Order Travel Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Goldpeak's Warcamp
Start Berta Loosestone
End Presbyter Fromme


Halls of Our Heritage map
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By Grungni's Beard! The twisted beasts o' Chaos are mountin' another attack on the manlings, this time right near Greystone Keep! Me ancestors aided in the buildin' o' that keep, givin' the manlings the benefit o' their wisdom t' make sure it would stand the test o' time. And despite centuries o' battlin' it's still there.

It's enough for me t' send some o' our best t' aid the Empire, as we've our oath to Sigmar t' uphold. But that they're also tryin' t' take what's part o' me heritage boils me blood!

I'd go myself, if I weren't needed so badly 'ere. Though the battle here looks t' be nearly won, but I can't move on just yet. There's still the city t' secure! So, I think I'll be sendin' you in my stead!

- Berta Loosestone

Summary Edit

Speak to Rogni Bokdorason in Goldpeak's Warcamp to travel to Troll Country, where the Empire warcamp Blackbramble Hollow can be found.

When you arrive there, speak to Presbyter Fromme.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Drive those foul monsters from the halls my ancestors 'elped t' build!

- Berta Loosestone

On Completion Edit

I have heard tales of the Dwarfs who aided us in building the Greystone Keep. Though it is now in ruins, it is well that you come to aid us. May Sigmar grant you strength in the battles ahead!

- Presbyter Fromme

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