Gyrocopter Down IV

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Gyrocopter Down

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Deadwater
Start Pilot's Log
End Rolun Hammerson

Quest Chain

Rolun Hammerson

Downed Gyrocopter

Dorin Vowkeeper

Pilot's Log

  • Gyrocopter Down IV

Rolun Hammerson

Pilot's Corpse


Gyrocopter Down IV map
(click to enlarge)

The name Rolun Hammerson appears in the log. It seems the pilot had something important to deliver to him.

Return to Rolun and give him the news of the pilot's death.

- Upon Examination: Pilot's Log

Summary Edit

Report back to Rolun Hammerson at Olfrinson's Outpost.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

According to this log, the pilot was dispatched by the High King with a sealed message for me.

By Grimnir's bloody axe, we've got to find that pilot!

- Rolun Hammerson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1536

External Links Edit

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