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Gyrocopter Down

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Olfrinson's Outpost
Start Rolun Hammerson
End Downed Gyrocopter

Quest Chain

Rolun Hammerson
  • Gyrocopter Down I

Downed Gyrocopter

Dorin Vowkeeper

Pilot's Log

Rolun Hammerson

Pilot's Corpse


Gyrocopter Down I map
(click to enlarge)

Just before ye arrived here, our lookouts saw a gyrocopter go down in the marsh to the north. The rest of the lads are busy about their work, but maybe you can look into it.

If that was a gyrocopter, see if you can salvage some parts. I'll send a message to Dorin Vowkeeper, who guards the road up north. He used to be a pilot in the King's Flying Corps, and he might know what to do with them.

While yer at it, see if the pilot survived. If so, he might be needin' our help.

- Rolun Hammerson

Summary Edit

Search for the crashed gyrocopter in the southern end of Deadwater Quag.

First, gather what parts you find scattered about. After you have done so, search the gyrocopter for any sign of the pilot.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

In Progress Edit

Get those parts and get back here! And be quick about it!

- Rolun Hammerson

On Completion Edit

You gather the last salvageable parts from the Gyrocopter and begin searching for clues to the fate of its pilot.

- Upon Examination: Downed Gyrocopter

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2266

External Links Edit

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